High impact with video ads

A personalized video ad campaign delivers your brand message uniquely and memorably and allows you to create awareness while catching your audience’s attention.

At Quakmedia, we work alongside you to develop an effective online video ad campaign; we then place your ads on popular channels to reach the right audience.

  • Draw attention to your brand message.
  • Personalized to reach the right audience. 
  • Unique, memorable, and positive perception.

Video ads benefits

Online video ads increase digital marketing effectiveness when delivering your brand’s message in an attractive format with a lasting impact.

Higher engagement

A well-targeted video ad campaign draws attention. It makes people look, click or share your brand's message, allowing you to have higher engagement with potential customers and better opportunities for lead generation.

Increased visibility

With an effective Ad campaign that targets the right audience, more people will see your ads; this gives you a competitive advantage while your brand gets more recognition.

Faster conversions

Effective video ads offer relevant information and a solid call to action to your targeted audience. It brings awareness, improves the interaction between them and your business, improves consumer responses, and increases ad conversion rates.

Build stronger relationships

Video ads are an excellent way to introduce your brand to new customers by attractively sharing your history and values. They help your potential customers imagine how your products or services will benefit them.

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