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Séptimo Día

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Soda Stereo - Séptimo Día

PopArt Music
We contributed to the sale of more than 10,000 tickets with a 2,650% ROI.

The campaign’s goal was to promote the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to generate new sales.

Our first task was to research campaign audiences; we started this by using combined groups of remarketing audiences and in-market audiences on Google; this allowed us to know about their shopping behavior in both Display and Search Network.
For Facebook and Instagram, we worked with customized audiences starting from the remarketing database and the targeted audience interests.
After optimizing these audiences according to their performance (CTR, Clicks, Conversions, CPA), we created similar audiences through AI to show ads to users with similar profiles.

The campaign generated more than 195,000 interactions which led to more than 10,000 tickets sold.

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