Agencia Social Media

Companies and their brands reach social networks and start their activity without any criteria, what is the point of so much effort? You can have thousands of followers and not reach even one.

We manage and advertise your social networks in order to get new customers and retain current ones.


Quakmedia understands and can manage the usage statistics that Facebook gives us about your page and even segment them with a high level of detail according to your interests. We can get people to discover your Facebook page and have the opportunity to mark “like”. While we achieve a considerable volume of Fans, we have the necessary experience to coordinate and attend them, creating debates, offering incentives or generating Applications. Do not miss the flow of followers who may be interested in your products or services and enter with your company to Facebook with the help of Quakmedia.


Twitter is the most instant tool on the market, has millions of followers and already works as a news distributor in real time. Quakmedia can help you issue effective and timely tweets, manage your account, cushion adverse comments and potentiate the communication of your products and services regionally and internationally.


With more than 600 million users in the world, why not have your own place on YouTube? Quakmedia can help you create channels with videos promoted for your brand and manage content and comments effectively and profitably.


LinkedIn is the network with the largest number of qualified professionals and it became a great base with data on human resources and work references that no company cannot take into account. Offering a certain possibility to reduce the costs of job searches and consultants, having a commercial or corporate profile is a competitive advantage that is within your company’s reach. Quakmedia can manage the relationships and references as well as the link of your LinkedIn with the rest of the Social Media tools available in the market.