SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Agencia SEM

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, uses Google Sponsored Links to reach new clients who are searching the Web to find the services offered by YOUR COMPANY or by YOUR COMPETITION around the world. The goal of SEM is to show an ad for the services or products you offer precisely at the moment that the user is searching for THAT service or product, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness on the advertising campaign.

Agencia SEM

We know the Basic Formula for success at Google. The “position” of the ad depends on the “cost per click” and the “quality of the campaign.” The better your SEM agency is, the less you will have to pay for the same results. Quakmedia is your best option, we have several certified GAPs in our agency + the best follow-up process for optimizations and changes + quick adaptability and instant reaction to change ads. All this makes us the best option on online marketing by performance.

90% of Web users use Search Engines. Google has more than 80% of this market worldwide. 5 out of 10 users who search the Internet to find information about products or services, make the purchase.  SEM campaigns with sponsored links at Google and its Media Contents Network are entirely result-oriented actions.

Reach the public interested in what you offer and get qualified leads.

Get more results with increased visibility of your Website on the Internet. Your ad will be visible to potential clients searching for what you offer.