Programmatic Advertising Specialists – Simple and Effective

Is changing the way we buy and advertise in digital media, as it places the brand in the eyes of the best consumer at the right place and at the right time.

Programmatic buying allows brands to use public and technology statistics to adapt messages and direct them to the right person, at the right time and in the right context. It helps brands respond to signals in real time for every impression on all screens and on all channels.

Nowadays the Characteristics of the consumers are:

  • They are always connected. Through smartphones, tablets, computers, watches and even lenses.
  • They are interested in the relevant messages. Consumers are not interested in generalized messages and forget them. On the contrary, they recognize the relevant messages through participation.
  • Participate in digital experiences. Advertising no longer points to a single address. In the digital age of today, consumers tend to participate actively in digital experiences. When they do, they control the time, place and manner in which they participate. Brands can offer consumers relevant and attractive experiences to generate sympathy for the brand.

The brands are adopting the programmatic purchase in order to connect directly with their large-scale public targets, attracting public from all screens with creative and exclusive formats. Access inventory of high-quality sites in a single campaign and centralizing tool. Measure what is important, what matters. On the internet there are millions of data, let the agency filter and inform us of what interests us.

How to succeed in the programmatic purchase:

  • Have data from the target audience. Associate participation data from various devices and sessions to achieve a unique view of customers. With tools such as Google Analytics, we can obtain this information and share it with the agency.
  • Organize digital public statistics, offline data, customer relationship data, campaign data and own data in real time. Merge the historical data of previous digital and offline actions of the company, current CRM data, and all possible data for the tool to analyze and optimize.
  • Analyze the data to act immediately. Know what result is being obtained and optimize in real time adapting the strategies to obtain the maximum possible result. Test, take out what does not work and optimize where the best results are obtained to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).