SEM is the “Search Engine Marketing”. Through Sponsored Links in Google Ads, you can reach new customers who are looking to buy YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE or that of YOUR COMPETITION all over the world.

Google Adwords

SEM or Advertising in Google Ads consists of displaying an advertisement about your product or service at the moment when a person is looking for it, which proves a high rate of effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

95% of Internet users use search engines. Google has more than 90% of that market worldwide. 5 out of 10 people who consult the information about products and/or services through the Internet end up making a purchase. Google Ads campaigns with ads on Google and its Media Content Network are targeted actions to achieve results.

SEM allows you to reach interested audiences in what you commercialize and obtain qualified customers.

Quakmedia ensures the formula of success in Google:

The position of the ad depends on the “cost x click” and the “quality of the campaign”. The better your SEM agency is going to pay less for the same results. Quakmedia has the best combination! Resources certified by Google + the best process of tracking optimizations and changes + speed and instantaneity to change ads, make us your best choice in online marketing for performance.

The Premier Partner status of Google accredits that:

  • The members of the company have advanced knowledge and experience in Google Ads.
  • Meet the advertising investment requirements of Google.
  • They have managed to increase the income of the agency and the clients of the company.
  • They have maintained and increased their customer base.
  • Achieve significant global advertising revenue and growth
  • Strengthen and increase the customer base.


Quakmedia is one of the first Premier Google Partners and we have also obtained many awards and recognitions over the years that you can see on our website.