Google Ads

Reach new clients when they are searching the web.

When consumers are ready to shop, they start with search engines. Ads on the first page of the web search results put your business in front of them right at the moment when they are searching for your service or product.
A customized and targeted search campaign generates interest, attract new clients, and makes your business grow.

  • Reach potential customers when they are searching for your services or products.
  • Choose when and where you want your ads to show.
  • We monitor and measure the results to maximize them.

Key characteristics of the Search Network

With various format options, we can customize your search ads to target your audience’s specific characteristics. Informative and straightforward tests let you adapt your campaign to get the best results.


Keep the conversation going by showing your ads to people who previously interacted with your business when they are searching elsewhere and after they left your website.


We create customized ads based on relevant keywords, your potential customers' location, what devices they use, and other key factors.

A/B Testing

How long does your message need to be? Which words to use? Quakmedia tests these and other options to see which ones work best.

Real-time analytics

Monitor and analyze the performance of your ads in real-time by using our Google Data Studio dashboards. Access your information whenever you need it from your computer or mobile device.

How can the Display Network help your business?

Take advantage of the power of images, color, and excellent calls to action to showcase your brand and stand out to potential customers when they are just starting to research and consider buying. 

You can reach people with targeted Display ads while they browse their favorite websites, show a friend a YouTube video, check their Gmail account, or use mobile devices and apps.

  • Goals based on purchase intention.
  • Show ads on local and international websites.
  • Choose the time your ad shows. 
  • Custom design ad.

Key characteristics of the Display Network

With an effective Display Network campaign, you will have the ability to customize your strategy and ads individually to maximize results while having a relevant audience.


Keep the conversation going by showing your ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app but didn't complete their purchase yet.


Customize your ads based on purchase intention and other key factors such as location, demographics, and other interests.

A/B Testing

Compare different versions of the same ad. Different images, colors, words, and other creative elements to get the best results for your campaigns.

Real-time analytics

Send your message with customized ads designed exclusively for your audience. Display ads give you flexibility with different sizes, formats, and styles.

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