Quakmedia is a boutique agency offering SEO and SEM services, interactive marketing, and advertising, with a 100% result-oriented approach. We specialize in SEO and SEM, Online Advertising and Social Network Management.

We know that advertising creativity it’s not just “sending a message”, to be able to get a successful campaign we must seduce, motivate and capture clients. To do this, we follow the values and beliefs that each advertiser has, and we manage its campaigns through personalized service.

At Quakmedia we take pride in succeeding to build a modern company staffed by a team of experts with a solid career in the fields of Online Communication, Planning, and Creative Advertising. We are a team highly qualified on each of the aspects of the business. We know how to use interactive media to communicate effectively and we know how to address to the right public, creating and conveying the identity of each advertiser to seduce and motivate with a clear message that captures the right clients. We are pioneers in offering our know-how on the Internet with more than a decade on the business.


Quakmedia specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with the goal of generating increased visibility of websites and Companies operating on the Internet, significantly reducing the costs of client acquisition.


More than 10 years of experience at your service to bring more efficiency in every action of your company.


Quakmedia is continuously updated and offers attractive packages of Social Media suited for your company or brand. We combine Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, iPhone and BlackBerry for full access to the world of Social Networks and its multiplier benefits.